Want to Study Overseas? Here Is Why You Should Consider Europe!


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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Willing to study abroad but don’t know what country or city you should select? Well, if you are looking for a place that has a rich culture, history and travel destinations along with great universities to study then you are in the right place. We are here to tell you why apart from being everyone’s favourite travel destination, Europe can be great for your education as well!


The well-known European cities have something to offer everyone, whether they want to immerse themselves in art, culture, music, architecture or a little bit of everything. Within a relatively small geographic area, Europe provides a wide variety of distinctive landmarks and cultures.  Because of the European Union, it is easy to visit other countries, even for the day! Numerous historical and cultural places offer opportunities for hands-on education that can take your experience to the next level. Your education will go beyond the classroom as you interact with individuals from all walks of life at some of the most prominent and historic colleges in the world. If these are not enough reasons then let’s explore more and understand why Europe is great for overseas education.


Out of All The Continents, Why Europe?

One of the most distinctive and educational experiences a student may have is studying abroad. There are numerous locations to pick from and numerous opportunities to benefit. The continent of Europe is well-liked by Indian students due to its outstanding educational system, diverse cultural heritage, affordable tuition and living expenses for studying in several European nations, and higher employment chances. Here are some more reasons:

  • Diversity Of Institutions, More Options

Europe offers a wide variety of academic options because of its 50 diverse nations, and almost all of them are open to international students. International students frequently choose countries like France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Italy to study in Europe. Some of the world’s top universities are located in Europe, which also boasts a vibrant international intellectual community. Here are some of the top universities in Europe:

Whatever course you choose, there is going to be a great uni in Europe for the same!


  • Best Study Programs, Amazing Quality Of Education

Studying abroad is the ideal way to learn about different cultures and discuss fresh topics with teachers and students from all backgrounds. Universities in Europe take their commitment to providing high-quality education very seriously, and their educational systems are among the best in the entire world. The educational system in Europe is very different from that in other countries. Switzerland has the greatest system for teaching hotel and tourism management. Numerous paid internships are available with this training. Germany is the ideal location for students interested in pursuing engineering. Another well-liked location for fashion and business courses in Italy. Students have a wide range of chances here, and they also benefit from fantastic exposure.

Many European nations, like Germany, France, and the UK, are regarded as having the best educational systems in the world. You will still acquire a top-notch education even if you are unable to get into the best institutions. Also, you will learn first-hand from some of the most renowned teachers in the world. The variety of specialisations is vast, ranging from engineering and medicine to music and art. In Europe, there is something for everyone. You can find various high-quality courses in Europe, from zoology to the arts.


  • Quality Of Life is Better

You should move overseas for more reasons than just academic ones. Europe is praised for the variety of its civilizations and ways of life.

The nice climate and laid-back atmosphere of Portugal’s capital attract many foreign students from Europe, making it a perfect location to study abroad and make new friends from all over the world.

Personal safety was one of the main criteria that helped cities in Europe get to the top of the list of “world’s best cities to live in.” Cities in Europe performed very well on that metric: Luxembourg was ranked as the safest city, with Bern, Helsinki, and Zurich tying for second place. Cities are filled with art at every turn, from brilliant street art to the buildings’ vibrant candy-coloured tiled facades. They are a popular place for Indian students to settle down because of the laid-back atmosphere and low cost of living.

quality of life


  • Rich Culture, Compelling History and Beautiful Travel Destinations

There is no doubt that the world has been impacted by Europe’s rich past. Not just in academia but also in other disciplines like politics, philosophy, economics, and more, several ideas, theories, and concepts were investigated and some of them were solidified in Europe. Numerous European towns are renowned for their top-notch architecture and extensive histories, making studying there an unforgettable educational experience in and of itself.

The majority of Europe’s nations are compact and situated near to one another. It has eased travel throughout Europe. So you can go on a budget to travel- Be it The Faroe Islands or Lake Bled, Slovenia. There are a few destinations in the world that make it onto every traveller’s bucket list, and the Amalfi Coast is one of them.

Student travellers can travel without issue because many European nations grant student visas. Additionally, the majority of European nations share a single currency (the euro), making it simpler for the students to travel.



  • Great Career Opportunities 

In recent years, having international experience has become increasingly vital. Getting on a plane and flying halfway around the world is no minor accomplishment, and recruiters are aware of this. Both large and small businesses seek out personnel who have ventured outside of their “comfort zone,” whether it be for school or employment abroad. Numerous organisations assist international students in finding internships and job opportunities. 

In addition to giving you a top-notch education, studying in Europe also helps you get ready for a career abroad. Since there is typically no scarcity of work as a result of the strong economy, students can find several well-paying positions that may even enable them to pay for a portion of their education fees.


  • Affordable Education, Easy Visa

Most public universities in Europe charge lower tuition fees than they do in the US, Australia, Canada, and other nations. There are no tuition fees at all in a few European nations. Additionally, while studying on European university campuses, students might look into additional financial aid possibilities and try to earn scholarships.

Many Indian students prefer Norway and Germany because of their low tuition costs and excellent educational systems. Student housing and other living expenses are also less expensive. It is not difficult to obtain a student visa for any European country with the right paperwork and a clean record.

Europe Sounds Great But Where In Europe?

Europe is huge. These were just reasons why you should study there but which country? Let’s find out! The following list of five nations in Europe that provide top-notch education to international students includes:

The United Kingdom (UK) is renowned for its top-notch universities, teaching methods, and educational system. The majority of the top universities in the world come from the UK. There are more than 160 schools and universities that provide degree programs to students. Some of the best and oldest institutions in the world are the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, UCL, and Edinburgh.

(The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union as a result of the recent Brexit, and its entry procedure will be entirely different from that of other nations. It is only included here because it physically belongs to the continent.)

university students

When contemplating where in Europe to study, Germany should be at the top of your list because it offers free education and has numerous world-class colleges. The nation’s universities have consistently ranked among the best in the world thanks to their reputation for cutting-edge education and research in science and technology. For a country like Germany, you can save massively on tuition fees while the cost of living might still be avoidable.

Goes without saying! Popular universities and prestigious business institutions in France include the Grande école. 

Students who want to study:

  • Business management
  • International relations
  • Culinary arts
  • Foreign languages
  • Fashion
  • Visual/performing arts

should consider France as a location. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the nation’s architecture, world-famous landmarks, small cafes, and fashion houses are some of the main draws.

The Netherlands offers more than 2,000 English-taught university programs and is home to a diverse, multinational community that is easy to fit into. In the Netherlands, higher education is either career- or research-focused. There are nearly 40 government-funded institutions for applied sciences in the nation, in addition to the 14 research universities.

The outstanding connections between the Danish educational system and business aid in students’ acquisition of essential skills. Danish institutions are renowned for providing students with a top-notch education. Some of the best universities in Denmark include the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, and Aarhus University.


Apart from this, there is a list of cities you might want to consider and for what reason:

  • Best for a high standard of living: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Best for international student scene: Berlin, Germany
  • Best for thriving art scene: Florence, Italy
  • Best for cosmopolitan living: Paris, France
  • Best for a low cost of living: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Best for access to travel: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Best for cultural immersion: Barcelona, Spain


Convinced? Then Time To Pack For Europe!

Given that European universities are among the greatest in the world, choosing to study there may be one of the best choices you make for your professional future.

If you still aren’t sure of it and want to explore more countries and continents, look for the one that is perfect for you then experts at Mentoria can help! 

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