Best Ways to Spend Free Time at Home for Students


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Do you find yourself with a lot of free time lately? Most of your tests and exams are nowhere around the corner? We know the feeling- the feeling of absolute bliss that comes with the days that go by without any worries, without any sense of urgency. However, should you really be wasting your time? Should you really just watch as the days go by until out of nowhere your exam dates are staring you right in the face? Feeling that guilt yet? Good, because we can show you how to better use this time.

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1. Chalk up a Plan 


While it is good to know what you want to do, you need to have more than just an “idea.” Plan your time well, pick a goal and then decide what you need to do to reach it. Once you do this, put your plan down on either a piece of paper or your phone. Having your plans laid out in front of you will help keep your goals and directions in perspective. Also, it will lessen the chances of you getting lost and panicking at the last moment. Don’t underestimate the power of proper planning.

2. Do Not Skip Breaks

do not skip breaks

As you go about making a plan, cue in enough breaks to level out the effort you’re putting in. Breaks are extremely important. You can study for long hours in a day, but you need to give your mind some rest to ensure better retention. Catch up on lost sleep, finish your chores, or keep it simple and just take a breather. Don’t think of it as a break, but rather as time used to recharge your batteries so that you can get back to your goals with a fresh and rejuvenated mind.

3. Turn Your Dreams into Goals

turn dreams into goals

A lot of times, dreams remain just that. If you want to achieve it, the trick is to put a ticking clock on it. Why? Because once you do that, they become goals. Having said that, you need to be realistic about the deadlines you assign to your goals. Wishful thinking does not help here. A deadline that’s too far will slacken your efforts, while a tight deadline will lead to panic and unnecessary pressure that could derail your efforts. So, take stock of how much you can achieve in one day while keeping your everyday productivity in mind and only then work out your deadline. Here are some hacks to help you achieve your goals.

4. Stay Focused

stay focused

Speaking of deadlines, you don’t just set one and then see how things turn out. You have to stay on track to reach it. For that, you have to stay focused. The world is full of distractions that are so tempting that you could end up straying off your path for weeks. A foolproof way to stay focused is to set goals that really matter to you. If you are okay with a 70% score but set a goal for a 90% score just because you are under peer or parental pressure, you are not going to be dedicated to that goal. It is usually easy to stay focused on something that you, just you, sincerely want. So, before setting goals, be honest with yourself, and then put in your best efforts to achieve what you want. Here are some tips to stay on track:

  • Make a list of what you want to achieve the next day before going to bed.
  • Keep the toughest task for the beginning of the day, ‘eat that frog’ as author Brian Tracy says!
  • Create a vision board with your goals and stick it somewhere you will see it every day.
  • Eat well to keep your energy levels high.
  • Remember to enjoy your journey. Here are some ways to have fun even as you study.

5. Hone Your Skills 

hone your skills

Say your goal is to crack an entrance or to master a subject. But that’s not what your life is all about, right? Look at the bigger picture, what are the other crucial skills you need in your life? Could be social skills or problem-solving skills. These might not be directly connected to your goals, but are valuable skills that come in handy all the time. Not all of your goals need to be career-related, your goal can also be something that helps hone your personality. You could even make time for your hobbies. A lot of time people find that spending time with your hobbies develops their soft skills. So, coming back to the point that time used for career-related activities is not the only time well-spent. There are other aspects that also need to be given equal attention.

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6. Read a Book


Picking up a good book and spending some time reading it, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, is a terrific way to use your free time productively. If you have some free time, instead of settling down to watch TV, push yourself to pick a book and read it for a set length of time. It will expose you to new ideas and develop your knowledge with interesting information. It can also boost your performance at school and enhance your vocabulary.

7. Make Time to Write

a girl writing

Writing has numerous advantages, not the least of which is the ability to improve your writing skills by putting your thoughts on paper. Journal to work through your challenges, or write your memories to leave something unforgettable for your descendants. If you’re not ready to write about your own life yet, try writing about the life of someone else, or write about a cause or event that you believe is important.

8. Spend Time with Loved Ones

You must prioritise your personal relationships—your tie with your friends and family members—if you want to be successful in life. No matter how much you want to succeed and move up the corporate ladder rapidly, you can’t do it at the expense of your friends and family. Moreover, many studies have shown that spending time with friends and family has a significant impact on happiness. Even for introverts, social time is essential for mental health.

In the end, know that you are the master of your time. Use it judiciously in the way you see fit. If you are confused about your goals or are struggling to decode your interests, we could help. Invest in getting a clear idea about what you want to do in life. That’s the first step. Everything else follows once you realise your calling. All the best!

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