Why Holistic Development Is Crucial In The Early Years


Last Updated: March 24, 2023
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Welcome, curious minds! Today, we’re going to dive deep into the world of holistic development in the early years. It’s essential to learn why it’s not just important, but crucial for your little ones to have a well-rounded upbringing. From cognitive development to social and emotional growth, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this fascinating topic in a way that’s both fun and interactive in this blog.

Holistic Development

What is Holistic Development?

Holistic development is all about nurturing every aspect of a person’s growth and well-being. Instead of just focusing on one area, like academic or physical development, holistic development takes into account a person’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs.

Think of it like a puzzle, where each piece represents a different aspect of a person’s life. To complete the puzzle and achieve holistic development, all of these pieces need to be properly aligned and cared for. It’s about finding balance and harmony in all areas of life, and recognizing that they are all interconnected.

So, whether it’s through learning new skills, making meaningful connections with others, taking care of our physical health, or finding ways to manage our emotions, holistic development is about creating a well-rounded, fulfilled, and happy life. And the best part? It’s a lifelong journey, with plenty of opportunities for growth and discovery along the way!

Why Do We Need Holistic Development?

Nowadays, when hiring for various roles in the industry, most businesses and organisations take into account a student’s total academic success in addition to their holistic growth. Due of this, it is crucial that kids in schools and institutions develop holistically.

The days of parents spending the entire day with their kids are long gone. Today, parents want to enhance their children’s engagement and involvement in nearly every aspect of learning as a result of how quickly technology is developing and how education practices are evolving. Parenting now places a lot of emphasis on holistic development.

A youngster is exposed to a variety of sports and activities that allow him or her to learn new things from the very beginning. The method that kids are taught in schools has also undergone a full transformation as a result of this. The whole holistic development of a kid in pre-schools has become essential with the introduction of new-age technologies and teaching approaches. The overall development of kids in primary and secondary schools has also become vital for the same reasons.

Importance of Holistic Development In Children

The Holistic Approach is Child-Oriented

We perceive the child as a whole person when we think about holistic development in early childhood education. They do not constitute “people in the making.” They should be treated with the same respect and consideration as everyone else because they are already special individuals. End of the day, they are still children, and they have distinct needs from adults. We’ll need to think about the best ways to support children as they develop because they are still developing in every aspect of life. We also need to consider how people perceive their environment and think.

Holistic Approach for Children

It Supports and Focuses on Children’s Overall Wellbeing

In a conventional classroom, just the students’ capacity to meet academic milestones is taken into consideration. If a child cannot achieve their learning goals, it is seen as a shortcoming on their end. In most cases, educators don’t really go farther to see whether something else is interfering with the student’s capacity to study. For instance, the child might be feeling under the weather or might be dealing with a tough situation at home. These elements have an impact on their motivation and learning style.

It Increases a Child’s Self-confidence

Allowing kids to practise their abilities in all facets of holistic development also helps them grow more self-assured. Let’s examine a case in point. Academic abilities are crucial in a regular classroom. A youngster may feel horrible about themselves if they do not achieve the same academic level as another child, which results in a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. They feel “behind” compared to their classmates since they are unable to use their abilities in other areas. That child would have the opportunity to hone their talents in areas where they might be stronger, like physical education or team-building exercises, in a setting that prioritises holistic development.

It Promotes Active Participation in Kids

Children want to be a part of the world around them from an early age. They are enthused and curious, and a comprehensive education makes the most of this enthusiasm! The teacher is the ultimate authority in a typical classroom, and the students merely listen to what the teacher says. Only children learn, and learning is linear. However, a classroom that emphasises holistic development encourages learning for all students. Both the students and the teacher can benefit from this! Children participate in class discussions and use their existing knowledge and experiences to enhance their learning.

It Helps Students Apply Their Logical Thinking

Learning takes place in context when education is taken in a holistic manner. Teachers make learning “real” for students by using examples from everyday life. The holistic approach frequently uses project-based learning since it allows kids to simultaneously practise abilities across a variety of subject areas. Because they must make choices regarding various components of these projects, children also develop their ability to reason and solve problems.

It Helps Students Become More Well-Rounded and Balanced Individuals

It teaches them to engage in teamwork and problem-solving. It encourages creativity, growth, cooperation and resilience. It also gives students a chance to work in a safe and controlled environment, while challenging them to think outside the box and gain new perspectives. This helps develop positive attitudes, good habits, and the ability to form strong relationships.

Holistic Development for Students

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