A Comprehensive Guide to Government Entrance Exams Calendar for 2023


Last Updated: March 24, 2023
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With the new academic year just around the corner, students are looking for information about the upcoming Government Entrance Exams Calendar for 2023. This is a great opportunity for students to plan ahead and start preparing for their exams.

The Government Entrance Exams Calendar provides an overview of all the important dates related to entrance exams conducted by various government departments. It also provides information on eligibility criteria, application process and other relevant details that will help students prepare better for their exams.

What’s the Situation With Government Entrance Exams in 2023?

In 2023, the government entrance exams calendar is expected to be a bustling one. With new exams being added and existing exams being tweaked, it’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape. This year, several new exams are being introduced, including the Central Institutes of Technology Entrance Exam (CITE) and the National Eligibility Test (NET). At the same time, exams such as the NET, CAT, UPSC, and IBPS are being updated to reflect the changing needs of the government. The changes in exam structure and content are designed to ensure that the tests are fair and equitable for all applicants. Additionally, more emphasis is being placed on the digital format of exams, as this allows for a more efficient.

Government Entrance Exams Calendar for 2023

SSC Exams and Railway Exams 

Because of their financial stability and job security, commission tests are highly popular among candidates for government exams. Every year, SSC hires tens of thousands of candidates for positions in various central government agencies. We’ve done all the research for you, so here’s a list of all the SSC exams that will be held soon. And for your convenience, we’ve also put up a list of future exams for the railways. 

Name of Exam Notification Application Dates Tier/Phase Exam Date
SSC CHSL Exam 2023 09-05-2023 9th May 2023 to 8th June 2023 Tier – I Jul-Aug 2023
SSC CGL Exam 2023 01-04-2023 1st Apr 2023 to 1st May 2023 Tier -I June-July 2023
SSC CPO Exam 2022 20-07-2023 20th July 2023 to 13th Aug 2023 Tier – I Oct 2023


Upcoming Banking Exams

Banking is a very sought-after career. Here are the dates and information regarding upcoming bank exams, including IBPS, SBI, RRB, etc. Therefore, keep an eye on our blog for the most recent information.

Name of Exam Notification Application Dates Stages Exam Dates
LIC AAO 2023 15-01-2023 15th January 2023 – 31st January 2023 Prelims 17th February 2023

20th February 2023

LIC AAO 2023 15-01-2023 15th January 2023 – 31st January 2023 Mains 18th March 2023


Upcoming UPSC Exams 

The main hiring organisation is the Union Public Service Commission. The UPSC holds numerous exams each year to find qualified candidates for a variety of level A and level B positions throughout India. Even though the UPSC tests are among the most difficult in the world, many aspirants succeed in passing them. For sure, this UPSC exam schedule will be useful to you.


Name of Exam Notification Application Dates Stage Exam Date
ESE 2023 14-09-2022 14th Sep 2022 to 4th Oct 2022 CBE 19th February 2023
UPSC CDS-1 2023 Exam 21-12-2022 21st December 2022 to 10th January 2023 CBE 16th April 2023
UPSC CDS-2 2023 Exam 17-05-2023 17th May 2023 to 6th June 2023 CBE 3rd September 2023
NDA-1 2023 Exam 21-12-2022 21st December 2022 to 10th January 2023 CBE 16th April 2023
NDA-2 2023 Exam 17-05-2023 17th May 2023 to 6th June 2023 CBE 3rd September 2023

Why are Government Entrance Exams Gaining More Traction?

Government entrance exams are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. With the growing competition for jobs and other opportunities, it has become essential for individuals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge by passing these exams. Government entrance exams also provide a level playing field for all applicants, regardless of their background or financial status. Furthermore, these tests help to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are accepted into government positions and programs. As such, they play a vital role in helping governments achieve their objectives and serve the public better.

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