Listen To Your Heart’s Calling


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Exam season is finally over. We have a two-month break ahead of us to try out various new things. Instead, we’re focused on one giant monster right now – results!

We’ve all experienced anxious, sleepless nights worrying about our results. What if we fail? What will our parents think or say? What if all our friends make it to college and we don’t? The pressure is mounting and these dark thoughts aren’t helping.


Why do we fear failure?

This one can be happily blamed on society. For years, everyone around us has looked at failure as a bad or negative thing. If you fail an exam, you’re just not smart enough. Your parents are quite disappointed with you. Your friends might start avoiding you. Everyone around you isn’t all that nice to you either.

Geniuses say that failures are just stepping stones to success. They look at mistakes as learning lessons. If only everyone else felt the same way! If parents helped us understand why we fail and work with us in overcoming our obstacles, we might just make it!

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A Little Pep Talk From the Icons themselves

We’ve all read success stories about famous personalities. Not everyone had a smooth-sailing ride to the top. In fact, most of them failed at some point or the other!

If Albert Einstein hadn’t been expelled from school for being rebellious, he probably wouldn’t be known as the world’s greatest physicist today. Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan, may not have worked as hard to become the superstar he is today if he had not endured near-death, box office failure, and bankruptcy. Winning despite your failures or limitations moulds you become a stronger, wiser, and more diligent individual. Consider Stephen Hawking. If the legend had allowed his ALS to take over, he wouldn’t have made the world a better place with his genius discoveries. Even when life was failing him, he did not lose hope and went on to make major scientific contributions.

 Amitabh Bachchan

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Story Of My Life

I, too, faced failure at a crucial stage in my academic life. When I was studying commerce, my father suggested that I should pursue Chartered Accountancy. I was only too happy to follow his lead and was actually elated when I cleared my entrance exam. But the real struggle began when I couldn’t clear the intermediate level. It was heart-wrenching to see my friends move ahead while I was left behind. I did not want to be a disappointment to my parents and decided to give it another try, but I failed again. It wasn’t the best time for me, as I had now begun to doubt my own abilities. But I also looked at it as a wake-up call. I realised that CA was not the right path for me. So I parted ways with it and finally listened to my heart’s true calling- Literature.


When a flight to your destination is delayed, you are dissatisfied, but once you get at your destination, the delay is forgotten. Similarly, failure is just a temporary detour from your goal, it’s not a dead end. When you finally reach the right destination, you’re going to forget all about your failures.

Your success is shaped by the failures you learn from, the difficulties you experience, and the defeats you face. The question is, are you ready to embrace your failure and listen to your heart’s calling?

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