Check Out These Free Online Art & Design Courses Now!


Last Updated: March 22, 2023
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Do you like using various artistic materials to create unique and new pieces of art? Or do you feel like your creative side is not expressed in your current place of work? If you are one among these, then a  course in Art and Design may be a great choice for you! 

Diverse as it is, Art and Design highlights your unique abilities and converts your creative ability into an income-generating hobby.There are many online art programmes and design courses to help you shape your future and profession as you see fit, whether you want to be a fashion designer, a modern art hobbyist, a UX designer, or a scriptwriter. 

Check Out These Free Online Art & Design Courses Now!

Whether you want to be the next Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, or be on a team designing the next hybrid car, these courses can help you reach those dreams. Several free internet-based courses, such as online art courses, are essential for busy working professionals to experience.

We’ve clubbed a few  Art and Design courses you can opt for in this article, so dive right in!

The Language of Design: Form and Meaning by California Institute of the Arts, via Coursera

If you’re new to design or just want to refresh your memory on the basics, this free course is ideal for you. Critique is defined more broadly than usual in this programme. This criticism offers a thorough, unbiased examination of a graphic design project. Lexicon is used in the course to improve demonstrations and discuss graphic design in terms of criticism.

For those seeking to expand and improve their critical vocabulary, particularly when talking about art and design, this free online course is a great way to improve on your design vocabulary.

The Architectural Imagination: Harvard University, via edX

The Architectural Imagination is a Harvard University online course offered through the edX platform. The course is an introduction to the principles and methods of architectural design, exploring the role of architects in shaping the built environment.

Throughout the course, students are exposed to a range of architectural projects from different historical periods and cultural contexts, and are encouraged to think critically about the ways in which these projects reflect broader social, political, and cultural trends. It is self-paced, with no deadlines or prerequisites, and can be taken for free or with a verified certificate for a fee.


The 3D Printing Revolution: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, via Coursera

The concept 3D printing industry is explained in this free course, including its origin, future prospects, and how someone interested in job opportunities can get started. A true art form, 3D is an astonishing technology that has changed the world in unthinkable ways. 

This specialisation opens your world to the magic of 3D printing. You will gain a thorough understanding of 3D printer operation through a series of demonstrations.

Ignite Your Everyday Creativity: The State University of New York, via Coursera

This free online course from the State University of New York promises to help you identify, nurture, and use the creativity that you already possess. The ability to be creative is crucial in the twenty-first century. Even though this is a skill that everyone has, very few people practise it. Not knowing creativity needs new and improved ideas in almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. 

Fashion as Design: The Museum of Modern Art, via Coursera

If you’re one who lives and breathes fashion, then this free online course covers the numerous aspects of fashion business from history to contemporary sustainability concepts, and is strongly recommended for those who have an interest toward fashion.

Fashion as Design places a great emphasis on choosing more than 70 accessories and garments from around the globe, ranging from kente cloth to gowns to 3D printed dresses. By studying these outfits, you could learn more about what people wear, why they wear them, how they are manufactured, and what the clothes represent. And the best part about this course? You get to learn from a variety of best designers, historians, makers, and individuals who work with clothing on a regular basis.


Digital Drawings: Points, Lines, Curves- University of Nevada, Las Vegas, via Kadenze

You will learn about rule-based systems and techniques that go beyond the capabilities of the typical pencil and paper mediums to create infinitely complex patterns in this free course.

This free online course, taught by assistant professor Joshua Hamilton of UNLV’s Master of Architecture Program, is ideal for novices who wish to study rules-based designing with Adobe Illustrator and Rhido3D, or for those who want to explore geometric properties like curves and lines as the foundation for your digital drawings. 

Reimagining Blackness and Architecture: The Museum of the Modern Art, via Coursera

This free online course explores the connection between Blackness, as an identity and a lived experience, and architecture. The lectures will be delivered by black architects, writers, artists, and researchers who have recreated their surroundings and centre on the ways in which Black innovators have been successful in transforming the world. You may observe how architects use hip-hop, textiles, and a variety of other elements to make American cities more livable.

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