Love Wildlife? Here are 6 Ways to Turn Your Love into a Career!


Last Updated: March 29, 2023
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Are you interested in working with animals? Are you prepared to leave your desk job and go outside to observe wildlife, collect samples, or help injured animals? Do you have a passion for wildlife and dream of turning that passion into a career? Well, you’re in luck! There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to make a difference in the world of wildlife conservation.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you 6 fun and exciting ways to turn your love for wildlife into a career. From working in a zoo to becoming a wildlife veterinarian, we’ve got plenty of options for you to explore. So get ready to put your love for wildlife into action and take the first step towards your dream career!

Wildlife Lover

How To Build A Career in Wildlife?

Building a career in wildlife can be a rewarding and exciting path for those who are passionate about animals and the environment. Here are some steps you can take to start building your career in this field:

  • Go to school: First things first, hit the books! Pursue a degree in wildlife biology, ecology, zoology, or a related field. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills that will be essential in your career.
  • Get your paws dirty: Gain experience by getting your paws dirty! Volunteer at wildlife rehabilitation centres, work on conservation projects, or conduct field research. You’ll gain hands-on experience and make a difference in the world of wildlife conservation.
  • Join the pack: Join professional organisations such as the Wildlife Society or attend conferences and events in the field of wildlife conservation. You’ll have a chance to network with professionals and make valuable connections.
  • Sharpen your claws: Build skills such as data analysis, GIS mapping, and public speaking. These skills will make you a more competitive candidate for jobs and help you succeed in your career.

Which are The Top Universities in India for Wildlife Conservation?

The top Indian Universities offering a course related to wildlife conservation are mentioned below.

What Are The Different Careers in Wildlife?



One of the animal professions with the best compensation is veterinarian. Veterinary careers come in a wide variety. Veterinarians who practise mixed medicine treat both small and large animals, whether domestic or foreign. Others might focus on helping domesticated animals like dogs and cats. Some veterinarians choose to work in research, examining illnesses and diseases to discover treatments. Research positions in veterinary medicine tend to pay well.

To become a veterinarian, the next stage after finishing a bachelor’s programme is to obtain a postdoctoral degree. Also, in order to practise in their state, veterinarians must pass an exam in order to obtain a licence. A profession in veterinary medicine is one of many fulfilling and significant careers in animal care, despite the lengthy education required to become one. 

Average salary- INR 5.7-6 LPA 

Animal Nutritionist

Choose a career in animal nutrition if you wish to look after animals and ensure their happiness and safety. Their primary responsibilities include developing meals and lifestyle regimens for animals to maintain their health. As each animal has a unique diet and way of life, this position requires creativity and a passion for working with animals.

A bachelor’s degree is typically necessary, with a strong emphasis in animal science. One can become ready for this position by helping out at animal shelters or getting a part-time job at a veterinary clinic. While this position frequently involves fieldwork to assess living circumstances, it can also involve office work where tests and computer-based analyses are done to support dietary or lifestyle recommendations.

Average salary- INR 5.8-6.7 LPA 

Animal Care Expert

A professional in animal care works quite actively. They are experts in taking care of and training animals. The work may be performed in zoos or kennels, among other locations. A high school diploma is all that is needed for entry-level positions in basic animal care, but a bachelor’s degree is typically needed to become a specialist and have a successful career.

Average salary- INR 3.5-4 LPA 

Wildlife Conservationist/Biologist

Protecting wildlife and the environment is necessary. Wildlife conservationists travel to the field to investigate and lessen the effects of people on the environment. Typical tasks include collecting samples, evaluating the water and soil for contamination, and promoting conservation to the general population.

The next Jane Goodall or Steve Irwin might be you. For this vocation, a bachelor’s degree with a zoology or wildlife biology concentration is necessary. At locations like parks, zoos, or in the outdoors, you can be employed by federal or local government bodies.

Average salary- INR 4.5-5 LPA 


Another vocation involving animals that offers a wide range of specialisations is zoology. Each expertise comes with a unique set of duties. Some zoologists might concentrate on how environmental changes are affecting wildlife. Others might concentrate on a species’ movement and diet. Zoologists play a significant and significant role in wildlife conservation by researching the habits of wildlife, especially for species that are on the verge of extinction.

Most zoology entry-level positions involving animals demand a college degree. While some zoologists choose a more general course of study, like biology, others may choose to specialise in zoology. After graduation, zoologists could work with animals in a zoo or travel to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Others might choose working with students and the general public in a museum or educational setting.

Average salary- INR 4-5 LPA 

Conservation Biologist

A career as a conservation biologist may be ideal for the scientifically inclined and inquisitive. These biologists operate as stewards for vanishing habitats, threatened species, and the effects of climate change. Biologists work to safeguard species, their habitats, and the entire world through scientific research.

A successful job as a conservation biologist benefits from having successfully completed a bachelor’s programme. You will get useful research and analysing skills from these programmes. The majority of occupations demand several years of work experience. Through voluntary work and internships, many aspiring biologists gain experience. Most typically, conservation biologists find employment at governmental organisations and nonprofit organisations.

Average salary- INR 5-6 LPA 

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