Will Robots Take My Job? List of Jobs That Are Affected & Not Affected By AI


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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AI, or artificial intelligence, enables computer systems to learn from experience, take inputs, recognise patterns, and perform tasks that humans do, usually more efficiently than them. In today’s context, artificial intelligence relies on deep learning and natural language processing. Today we have everything from self-driving cars to computers that play chess. Read more about AI here.

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Jobs that will be taken over by AI

Over the years, we have come to realise that jobs are lost to automation mainly because it is an economically sounder alternative to human labour. AI’s scope includes reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception and displacing objects. This opens up a lot of avenues for AI to replace human beings at workplaces. According to various surveys and based on the advancements and the current state of AI, here are 7 types of jobs that may soon become obsolete for humans.

1. Banking

credit card

Due to digitisation on such a large scale, 30% banking jobs are under threat of being replaced by AI. “As computers become smarter, we no longer need humans as intermediaries,” says Amy Webb, the founder of Future Today Institute, an organisation that helps companies deal with complex futures.

2. Customer Support

woman talking on call

Currently, even people handling customer support use scripts to handle various problems thrown at them by the customers; this can definitely be done more efficiently using automation. Today, AI is so advanced that it can listen to a human problem, recognise the sentiment, and offer solutions to the customer’s issues.

3. Data Entry


Data entry jobs are repetitive and can quickly get monotonous. Given that AI can perform repetitive tasks efficiently and can be programmed to learn as it goes, it is bound to take over even complex data entry operations.

4. Financial Analysis

invoice and calculator

AI is programmed to recognise patterns from numerous datasets and analyse them for extrapolating all possible outcomes. While human intervention is needed at more complex decision making, AI is going to replace the low to mid-level financial analytical jobs.

5. Reception

Phone and laptop

Today, AI machines are being “taught” to hold up a conversation with context. Soon enough, they will also invade office front desks that are currently occupied by receptionists.

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6. Writing and Proofreading

Writing in book

AI can now create contextual and readable content that does not read like a robot has written it. Narrative Science’s CTO and co-founder, Kristian Hammond predicts that 90% of news would be written by computers in 15 years.

With apps like Grammarly and built-in tools in most word processing software applications, proofreading will also soon become obsolete. Today, proofreading apps don’t just edit typos and spelling errors, but also correct grammar usage based on context.

7. Retail Sales


More than 12 crore Indians are expected to shop online by this year, clocking a 115% annual increase in online shopping. With people taking to more and more e-commerce platforms for things like electronics, clothing to even produce, jobs of retail salespeople are under jeopardy.

Jobs that will not be taken over by AI

While there are a few jobs that may succumb to automation, many experts believe that AI is creating jobs not destroying them. Just like healthcare did not replace physicians and surgeons and music-making software applications will probably never replace real musicians, AI is here to enable humans to delegate repetitive, precise, controlled tasks that require no reasoning, higher-order thinking or even common sense. Here are 7 jobs that will not be taken over by AI anytime soon.

1. Medicine


Robots are currently being used for performing medical procedures but under the strict supervision of smart, human doctors. They are nowhere near taking over the complex diagnostics, prescriptions, or taking complete control of a surgery anytime soon.

2. Editing

Man working on desk

Editorial roles involve strategizing, adapting to changing content consumption patterns and taking a call on the tone and of the content, and brand positioning. At this moment, it is too complex a set of tasks to be completely taken over by AI.

3. Human Resource Management

application of employment

Human resource management requires high levels of human emotions – like understanding and empathy – something that is missing in technology. While the HR may use AI to read patterns of their employees, human intervention won’t be discarded just yet.

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4. Hospitality


Hospitality is all about personalised attention, service and taking care of guests’ needs. Many subprocesses and tasks could be handed over to AI but nothing beats the warmth and genuine concern by a person while providing services to guests.

5. Coding


Constructing an algorithm, coding for it, identifying the bugs, testing the code, and coding for UI/UX are all currently under the purview of human beings. One of the major reasons coding won’t be taken over by AI anytime soon is that it essentially consists of reading out the problem that needs to be solved to machines, without which automation is almost pointless.

6. Education

Empty classroom

Today, there are a lot of online learning apps for kids. Many of these come with the ability to adapt their process based on the student’s feedback. However, it takes a human teacher for inculcating values and soft skills, satisfying queries, mentoring, giving feedback to the students, and disciplining students.

7. Entertainment

artist singing on mic

The field of entertainment is far from being overtaken by AI. Natural human talent is an essential requirement in performance arts like singing, dancing, and acting and several other roles in industry. It’s close to impossible for automation to take over these roles considering their complex human components.

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