4 Reasons Why Mental Health in Workplace Should be Your Priority


Last Updated: August 26, 2022
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Most Indian millennials are stressed, and reports suggest that 95% of their stress stems from work. This is no surprise, given that Indian millennials are known to put in exceedingly long hours at work. To add to this stress, there’s pressure to grow, provide, excel and so much more! It is no wonder that India has been diagnosed as the most depressed country in the world!

We get it – there are tons to do, the competition isn’t getting any lighter, and you have so much to prove! Dedication to your job is important, but when this dedication takes over your life and makes you feel burnt out or stressed, you need to step back and evaluate your plans. Would all your hard work really be worth it if it has compromised your mental health?

At Mentoria, we understand the importance of keeping the mind healthy and happy. A key factor for good mental health in today’s age is finding a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. So channel your fascination and Interest into a career you love. Take the Mentoria holistic career assessment test, to find the right career fit for you based on your interest, personality, and ability. 

Given that it’s the end of the financial year and appraisal season, you’re probably swamped with work and too stressed to be thinking about your mental health. But as you sit down to chalk out your KRAs for the upcoming year, put your mental health on the very top of your list. Here’s why:

1. Are We Doing It Right?

Are we doing it right?

Organisations are constantly looking to grow, so a lot of work keeps piling up. To tackle this workload, your productivity levels need to be at an all-time high. The last thing you need is for your productivity to be hampered due to poor mental health. While you try to tick things off your to-do list, remember to also take some time out for your mental health. Just putting in long hours of work won’t cut the deal; take regular breaks between tasks, or pursue a relaxing hobby when you get back home.

2. Finding Motivation

Stay focused

Companies are constantly looking for ways to motivate their employees and help them perform better. But life coach Rohit Sasvehalli, who works with corporate setups like Bosch, Aditya Birla, Angel Broking and NGO Bridges of Sport, says,

“Forget being motivated, sometimes just showing up for work every day becomes a challenge because most people are not happy with their jobs. This is either because their work does not align with their goals, or because they no longer feel passionate about it.”

However much you try to focus on your tasks, if you are not happy doing what you do, it will leave you frustrated. So, instead of trying doubly hard to do well, listen to your heart and pursue a job you would love doing. We can help you discover the right path. Then watch yourself organically excel at work.


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3. Honing Interpersonal Relationships


Just achieving goals is not the peak of professional happiness. “Building team dynamics, relationships with bosses and peers, etc., also need to be worked on. Interpersonal communication affects people’s performance, personally and professionally,” shares Rohit. Most of the time, you tend to focus so much on work that you don’t make the time to build a good rapport with your colleagues. While this may seem unnecessary to some, working in a friendly and supportive environment will help you do better at your job because you have people to turn to for help, take breaks, and even share work pressure.

4. March towards Conscious Capitalism

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Even workspaces today have recognised the importance of mental health at work, and are taking sure-footed steps towards ‘conscious capitalism’. This involves looking at how employees attain their targets, having open discussions about the challenges they face, and giving them enough time to balance work and life. This kind of open approach is working – an HBR report indicates that organisations practising conscious capitalism perform much better than their counterparts.

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of your mental health has become more important than ever. Keeping a track of your mental health while working on your KRAs will only help you perform better. Having said that, choosing a career that stems out of passion will not only ensure that you are happy, but will also help you do well. If you need help figuring out where your passions lie, you can get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!

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