These Harry Potter Jobs You Can Actually Have as Your Career


Last Updated: August 27, 2022
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Harry Potter

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July 31st is perhaps the most important holiday yet for all Potterheads! I’m sure this day doesn’t need any reminders since it is engraved in the heart of everyone who has ever read and loved the Harry Potter series. It may not be a holiday in everybody’s calendar, but that won’t stop Potterheads from celebrating the day by binge-watching our favourite wizard’s movies, right?

For years, the books and movies transported everyone to the wonderful world of magic. How we wished we could attend a school like Hogwarts, have best friends like Ron, Hermoine and Hagrid, and a Headmaster like Dumbledore! How we dreamed of going on adventures into the Forbidden Forest, feeling the frenzy of a Quidditch match or stocking up all things magic at Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley!

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Everyone who’s ever read Harry Potter will have fond memories of twirling their imaginary wands and practising spells like “Expelliarmus” over and over in the hopes that they will actually create some magic. We may have waited with bated breaths for the Hogwarts acceptance letter that never arrived, but we’ll always cherish the memories we made along the journey. For it wasn’t just Harry’s magical journey, it was ours too.

While the wand chooses the wizard, you have the power to choose your dream career from your favourite fandom! Every magical career has a muggle counterpart, and we’ve curated some of the best ones for you!


Love Experimenting with Potions? No Mystery in Chemistry!

Can’t wait to channel your inner Snape in a Muggle career? Try your hand at Chemistry! You may not be able to whip up a Draught of Living Death, but you could make life-saving medicines and exciting innovations that are just as likely to get you Snape’s nod of approval! Chemistry itself is a wide field with varied career options for you to try your potion-making skills in.

Chemistry lab

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Care for Magical Creatures? Being a Vet!

Do you deeply care about and absolutely love animals? Did you truly sympathise with Hagrid even when everyone else disapproved of his choice of pets? Think you have the skill and knowledge to handle these animals as Hagrid did? You should consider becoming a veterinarian! Healing pets and keeping them healthy sounds like the kind of job Hagrid would’ve taken up had he been a Muggle!

Harry potter and buckbeak

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Sports Person

Fascinated by Quidditch? A Muggle Game!

Technology hasn’t empowered us enough to fly around on broomsticks just yet. But if you are a hard-core Quidditch fan, there is a “Muggle” version of the game too! It is basically a combination of basketball and rugby with elements of hockey and dodgeball mixed in. This version of Quidditch is a must-try for all the sport-loving Potterheads out there. You could also tweak traditional sports like soccer, football or lacrosse to play your dream game!

Harry potter playing quidditch

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Fancy becoming an Auror in the Department of Mysteries? Hello Officer!

Ever idolised the likes of Mad-eye Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks? Or even dreamed about working in the Department of Mysteries? If the idea of catching the bad guys and meeting out justice appeals to you, you should channel your inner Auror by becoming an Intelligence Officer or Detective! 10 points to you for all that bravery!

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Love Transfiguration? Whip Up Your Own Products!

If Transfiguration was your favourite class at Hogwarts, there is a Muggle way of pursuing your interests! You could choose a career in Product Design and transform a bunch of raw materials into an end product. You could opt for a career in technology and create your own websites/software. Fancy transforming precious metals into an exquisite jewellery collection? You could become a jewellery designer!

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Loved Zonko’s Joke Shop? Start your Own!

Zonko’s – and later, Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes – was the magical emporium of tricks, gags and laughter! If the Weasley twins were your true idols, you should follow their footsteps! Combine your passion for practical jokes and entrepreneurship by opening your own jokes/magic store. Spread smiles and happiness amongst everyone!

Toys shop

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