7 Essential Life Skills for Adults that You Should Learn


Last Updated: August 26, 2022
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Being an adult is not easy. You have bills to pay, relationships to maintain, a career to pursue, hobbies to indulge in, and a ton of other things to take care of – all in very little time! The power of being an adult also comes with the responsibilities of being one.

In Money Management of our adulting series, we spoke about how money management is an unavoidable life skill. Unfortunately, it’s not the only one. Adulting is an art that requires mastery over several skills. In this article, we list seven other life skills that can make adulting easier for you.

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1. Grocery Shopping and Cooking – the Secret to a Healthy Adulthood

Grocery Shopping

You are a fully-functioning adult (or at least, you’re trying your best to be one!), so you need to eat like one too. And no, daily Zomato deliveries do not count as real food. You need to include a mix of greens, seasonal fruits and veggies, beans and pulses, and other essential food groups. The best way to ensure you get all from these? That’s right, DIY!

Now we’re not asking you to whip up meals that would make Gordon Ramsay raise his chef hat in approval. But it’s important to know how to make a basic meal. Cooking at home also helps you control the amount and quality of oil and other ingredients you use, thus ensuring that your meals are healthier than what you’d get outside. Additionally, home-cooked meals are easier on the pocket!

2. Let’s Get Fit!

Let’s Get Fit!

Given everything that’s already crowding your to-do list, there is little to no time left for fitness. You probably had to move things around just to accommodate cooking on that list! But ignoring your health could only cause bigger issues later, so allow some time in your schedule for exercise.

Try a bunch of fitness options to see which one works best for you, and make it a part of your lifestyle. Not a gym fan? Try walking? Love dancing? Consider Zumba! Like water? Go swimming!

3. The Relationships Quotient

The Relationships Quotient

As you (and most people you know) settle into a new lifestyle and pursue your career, your relationships with your loved ones are bound to get affected. You might move out of your home and not speak to your parents as often as you once did. Friends will move across the world; you’ll lose some old ones and make some new ones. Finding time for all of them will be a task, especially if your work schedule is hectic. But make sure you set aside time every week for all your near and dear ones. Call people on your way to and from work, meet friends over the weekend, visit your parents over long weekends and important holidays. Healthy relationships are extremely essential for your well-being and growth.

4. Go From Clutter to Clarity!

Clutter to clarity

Moving out of your parents’ house doesn’t mean you transform your living space into an absolute dump. Clean, organised living space and workspace can actually lower your stress and anxiety levels, and help you function better!

Developing a basic sense of hygiene can also have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Create a lifestyle that includes regular cleaning, washroom manners, kitchen etiquette, and tidiness. This will not only improve the quality of your home by tackling germs, dust and bacteria but also bring you amazing levels of mental peace!

5. Mastering the Art of Conversation


In the age of instant messaging and dating apps, we seem to have lost the art of actual conversations. Ironically, this is why people skills or communication skills are increasingly gaining importance. Whether you are trying to crack that dream job interview or just want to get to know a new person, developing great conversation skills will help you live an enriched life.

6. The Adult Survival Skill Kit

First aid kit

Master the basics your parents always took care of – dealing with your bank (in person or otherwise), doing basic repair work at home, changing a tyre, knowing how to swim for survival, and using first-aid kits. Keep important contact information like that of the police, nearby hospitals, and a couple of emergency contacts handy. After all, your parents can’t always be the first call you make during an emergency!

7. Dealing with Failure

Dealing with failure

Failure is never a pleasant feeling, but it cannot rule your life. Coping with setbacks is one the  skills you need to develop as an adult. Life only gets tougher as you grow older, so the sooner you learn to tackle setbacks, the easier it is to cope with the demands of adulting. If the going gets too tough to handle, share your woes with a loved one or talk to a professional.

Armed with these skills, you’re ready to take on adulting like a pro! Remember, don’t lose hope when things get tough, and don’t ever think you’re in this alone. There’s a world full of us out there trying hard (and often failing) to adult, but together, we can move mountains!

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