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Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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A workplace isn’t just a nine-to-five place that helps you pay your bills. You spend a significant amount of time there, tackling challenges, meeting deadline after deadline, and rising up the ranks in your profession. It is important that this place – the one you devote so much of your time and energies to – keeps you happy and motivated to stay on top of your game. That is why HR (human resources) departments are often coming up with different ways to engage their employees, and to keep them happy and content. From Diwali parties and Secret Santa activities to special celebrations, HR professionals do their best to keep their employees happy, motivated and content with their workplace.

K Raheja, our corporate partner, decided to engage their employees a bit differently this year. Instead of focusing on routine, momentary activities, they opted to make a difference where it truly mattered: by reaching out to workers outside of the office and making a long-term difference in their families through the Mentoria Solution.

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K Raheja Corp

K Raheja Corp has been an industry leader on several avenues, including diverse fields like realty business, hospitality sector and retail outlets. K Raheja Corp has made an impact on the supply side of modern-day living. The group has played an important part in setting up world-class hotels and convention centres across the country with state-of-the-art facilities that meet both business and leisure needs of travellers.

K. Raheja

Recently, K Raheja Corp teamed up with Mentoria to implement an out-of-the-box employee engagement programme. They invited the spouses and children of employees for a career guidance workshop, where families were introduced to the Mentoria Solution to help their children get clarity about themselves and their ideal career paths.

The Programme

Nilesh Sawant, Assistant General Manager, Learning and Development, and Urvi Aradhya, Chief Human Resources Officer, arranged for the career guidance workshop in July and August. 61 employees decided to adopt the Mentoria Solution to help their children get a headstart in choosing the right career path. Our team of counsellors counselled the children in K Raheja offices across Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Mentoria’s four-step solution helped these children discover who they are and which career path they were meant for, and equipped them with all the information they needed to get a clear idea about their chosen careers.


The first step involved taking the psychometric assessment to determine the children’s core interest areas, personality traits and abilities. Once the tests were analysed and a career report was generated, our team of expert career counsellors interacted with the children and their parents to take them through the report, validate their test responses with real-life examples, discuss their strengths and development areas, and guide them towards the top three careers they’d be happiest pursuing. Children were happy to figure out which career path they were meant to pursue, as it cleared their doubts and helped them gain clarity about the future.

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Here’s What the Employees Had to Say

“It was our first experience with counselling and we liked it a lot. We did not know such things existed. The explanation of the report by the counsellor was good. I’m thankful to the HR dept in my company for the initiative. I also think that Mentoria is doing a good job because career guidance is necessary and the programme is highly appreciated.” – Sudhir Dhawade

“I liked the interaction with the counsellor; it matched my son’s interest and what he wanted to do. It was the first time we attended a counselling session. The programme was very nicely arranged by Mentoria and K Raheja. I’m happy that my company is taking a personal interest in the employees!” – Ashok Jammi

“The session was great and recommendations were relatable. I also liked the questions that were asked and the counsellor explained the report very well. I think the company has taken a very good initiative to guide students through confusion, likes and dislikes, and it is important to understand that. Such initial guidance helps as it can keep the student on the right track. Mentoria’s guidance is very important and helpful.” – Brijesh Sankhe

It’s always nice when your employer goes an extra mile to add value to their employees’ lives. K Raheja Corp garnered massive amounts of goodwill and gratitude, not just from employees but also from their families. Parents are concerned about their children’s future but do not have all the information needed to make the right decision or guide their children. Nilesh Sawant says, “Parents are willing to go out on a limb for their child’s health, education, and future. It’s just that not all of them are aware about all these new-age careers. This programme bridged that gap and was a huge success.”

Mentoria’s holistic approach towards career guidance has helped more than thousands of children discover the career path best suited for them. Get in touch with us to become our corporate partners and implement the Mentoria Solution as an impactful employee engagement activity in your organisation.

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