Careers in Renewable Energy Engineering


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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With the looming threat of global warming, ‘green’ has been the buzzword for a while now. Rising sea levels and decline in air quality and soil purity are no longer a distant concern. Thanks to industrialisation, we are living in a world that is little by little losing its capacity to sustain life. To counter this, nations have come together to control the damage we are causing to Earth in the hope that we save ourselves and our planet.  

As a contribution to this cause, India has been asked to create 175 Gigawatts of green energy by 2022. We are investing in renewable energy and policies that align with it. This is also leading to new employment opportunities. It is estimated that by 2042, India could add up to 4.5 million jobs through wind and solar energy.

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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources. It includes solar, wind, geothermal and biomass, etc. Renewable sources of energy are becoming more important as the world becomes more aware of the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption. It is a source of clean and sustainable energy that can be used for various purposes such as powering vehicles, homes, factories, farms etc. With the increasing demand for electricity in future, renewable energy will play an important role in reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels. The world has already achieved significant progress in this area by switching over to solar power for generating electricity and biofuels for transportation.

If you want to join this growing movement and support the rise of renewable energy, here are the top five careers you should consider:

Solar panels and windmill

Energy Engineering

By 2050, 96% of the world’s total power supply will be pulled by wind and solar energy. Energy engineers will be the genius minds working behind it! As an engineer, if you dream of contributing to this goal, update your skill-set by getting a professional license to become an energy engineer. Your work would involve designing and building models that harness energy from natural sources.  Energy Engineering is the application of physics, mathematics and engineering principles to the generation, transmission and distribution of energy. They design components such as transformers and generators that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Chemical Engineering

Glass beakers

The world is moving on from the use of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum to non-fossil fuels like biogas and methane to reduce its carbon footprint. Chemical engineers from all over the world are working on new ways to harness and store energy in decarbonised energy systems. If you have a background in chemistry, you can contribute to this goal by completing a Diploma in Green Chemistry and work on developing chemical processes that reduce pollution caused by industrial waste. 


Person holding a plant

As global warming slowly destroys the planet, environmental consultants or ecologists are working relentlessly to reverse the damage. Most industries are now aware of their carbon footprint, and rely on ecologists for guidance and approval before kick-starting any projects. Anyone with a background in science, climatology or even economics can upgrade their Bachelor’s degree with a diploma/certificate in ecology to become an ecologist.

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Sustainable Farming

Digging in soil

A conscious movement driving sustainable farming was triggered by farmers who were fed up with the harmful effects of pesticides. The food processing industry is generating a chunk of pollutants that are harming the environment and farmers are looking at eco-friendly means of growing food products. If you’re passionate about going organic, consider getting a certificate or diploma in sustainable farming. Basic farming knowledge will come in handy here.

Green Architecture

Construction work

A world that’s marching towards renewable energy also needs architecture on its side. But how do you create architecture that does not harm the environment? You leave it up to the green architects, of course! To become a green architect, you need a degree in architecture or landscaping and a certification in sustainable architecture to learn the nuances of tweaking landscapes for a green world. This would include creating vertical urban farms that can be stacked in cities where space is a constraint.

Solar Engineer

solar panel

Solar Engineer is a specialized job that requires knowledge of the solar energy industry. Solar engineers design, install and maintain photovoltaic systems for homes, businesses and other buildings. They also design solar thermal systems for heating water and space heating. The engineer devises a plan taking all important aspects into account. He or she could also be in charge of supervising or managing the execution of the plan. Solar engineers may also be required to submit reports on the efficiency, cost, and safety of the project.

Energy Policy Analyst

energy analysis

An energy policy analyst is a person who studies the energy policy of any country. You must be well versed in all aspects of the energy sector and its effects on the economy, environment, society and national security. You should be able to identify trends in energy policies as well as their impact on various sectors such as agriculture, industry etc. The role of an Energy Policy Analyst is not limited only to research but also involves writing reports for various organizations about the effects that certain policies have had or will have on different sectors such as agriculture, industry etc.

Wind Turbine Technician

wind turbine

Wind turbine Technician is a career that involves the installation, maintenance and repair of wind turbines. You are required to be highly skilled in all aspects of the operation of wind turbines. You must have excellent communication skills and technical knowledge as well as an understanding of safety regulations. The job requires physical stamina and good hand-eye coordination. It also requires patience and concentration because there can be long periods where nothing happens while technicians wait for wind conditions to improve or blow away debris from the blades before they can begin work again.

Environmental Specialist

bulb earth

An environmental specialist is a person who has specialized in the field of environmental science. The job involves analyzing, designing and implementing different methods to protect the environment. They are also responsible for ensuring that all chemicals used in their work have been tested for safety before being released into the environment. Environmental specialists must be aware of all aspects concerning an industry or business as they may need to implement new techniques or procedures which will help them keep up with changes within their industry or business.

Energy Law Associate

Energy law

Energy Law Associate is a course that trains you in the skills of energy law. You will learn about the laws governing energy, including those relating to electricity, natural gas, oil and coal. You will also learn about the different types of energy companies and their responsibilities under the law. Environmental concerns, land use issues, public utility commissions etc are some other aspects of this field.

While every career is sprouting its own green niche, the careers we just discussed contribute most towards sustainability. However, as much as you want to work towards protecting the environment, it may be difficult to choose which way to go.  But don’t you worry; we’ve got your back! Take the Mentoria assessment and find out how best you can work towards conserving our planet!

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