10 Futuristic Tech Jobs to Start Preparing for TODAY!


Last Updated: November 5, 2022
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If you could have built a simple webpage ten years ago, you would have been God. But times change, so much that ten-year-olds are ruling technology today!

We understand that making a career in tech may seem challenging. You never know how automation might change the entire landscape – you may be in demand today, but a simple software could kill your entire livelihood tomorrow.


Will Automation be the Death of Your Career? Nope!

Technology has been replacing jobs ever since civilisations came into existence. Do you see people manually printing books anymore? No, the invention of the printing press automated that. And this was in the 15th century. Columbus hadn’t even discovered America at that time!

Tangent aside, people have been coping with automation for centuries now. And they are better off because of it. Despite the gloom and doom, automation has always created more jobs than it has replaced. The only challenge is figuring out the right opportunities and upskilling to make the most of them. 

Well, here is your chance to stay ahead of the curve. Discover ten occupations that are automation-proof, predicted to grow, and rewarding!


Creator of Worlds (Not God) – Virtual World Designers

Reality has been turning virtual for a while now. The final push came as a courtesy of COVID. Just think about it. When people say meetings, do you automatically assume Google Meet or Zoom? How many of your team members work virtually? Do you interact with clients physically?

Work, education, entertainment, and all other aspects of life are going virtual. But who is going to build these worlds? You need someone to design virtual conference rooms for meetings, battlestations and galaxies for gaming, real work environment simulations for training, and so much more.

How do you make it? Software development is a readily available course that can help you establish the basics of this field. This can be supplemented by courses in game design, animation, and 3D modelling.

Does it pay well? Since this role is still under development, the packages aren’t set in stone. Currently, the average pay is reported as between INR 1,30,000 p.a. – INR 12,60,000 p.a.


Printing your Dreams – 3D Engineers

3D printing might seem like a novelty to you until you hear this piece of news: Remember how your grandparents used to send letters? Yes, through the post office. Well, they are now building a 3D-printed post office in Bengaluru

If even the Indian Post Officer is using 3D printing, in a few years who wouldn’t? Expect even small-scale manufacturers to use customised 3D printers to fulfil their operations.

How do you make it? To build a sturdy foundation for this career, we would recommend a degree in mechanical engineering paired with certifications in drafting, graphic design, 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and animation.

Does it pay well? Currently, the average pay in India is low but to get an idea of the scope you can check the salaries in developed countries. In the United States, the average salary is between USD 60,000 p.a. (INR 47,72,610) – USD 90,000 p.a. (INR 71,58,915)


The Final Link Between Humans and Machines – Neural Interface Designers

This one is for those who fashion themselves as Musketeers or Muskonauts or whatever term people are associating with the Elon Musk fanbase. The man himself is backing Neuralink, which has raised over $373 million to date. Musk isn’t the only billionaire toying with neural interfaces. Zuckerberg has also joined the party. We will let Elon sum up the concept behind Neural Interface for you, “[Through it] A monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.”

Yes, that was in context to neural interfaces. But in more grounded terms, this field will link technology with your nervous system and let you take control of it. 

Wasn’t that the plot behind Spider-Man 2’s villain, Doctor Octopus? Well, yes.

Dr. Octopus

How do you make it? You will need knowledge of multiple key fields such as neuroscience, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. We would also recommend a pinch of ethical/philosophical studies to make sure you’re not up to anything mischievous.

Does it pay well? Given the background required to work in this field, recruiters do not shy away from high packages. In India, you could expect to draw a salary between INR 5,50,000 p.a. – INR 25,20,000 p.a.


Technology that makes your Living Space Smart – Home Automation Contractors

What does your dream house look like? Imagining floor to ceiling windows, a wooden patio, and spiral staircases? Dream smarter. You have the ability to imagine a house that could do the laundry, clean itself, and secure you from threats, all without lifting a finger.

Who is going to help you achieve this? A home automation contractor can give you complete control of your house through sensors, voice commands, remote controls, and more.
How do you make it? You can choose at which stage of the project, you wish to be involved. By pursuing architecture, you will be working on the very foundations of a smart house. By specialising in interior design, you will make a pre-built home smart.

Does it pay well? As a home automation contractor without any experience in architecture, you can expect a pay between INR 3,60,000 p.a. – INR 7,20,000 p.a.


Financial Advisors of the Future – Digital Currency Advisors

Think stock brokers, investment bankers, and financial advisors are trendy jobs? Pfft! Wait till you hear about this occupation. 

If you are a sports fan, you must have come across ads for crypto exchanges. They are everywhere! Formula 1, NBA (Basketball), Premier League (Football), Miami Open (Tennis). In F1, the defending champion has a crypto sponsor in BYBIT and F1 as a whole has a different sponsor (Crypto.com). That’s how big the crypto game is. 

We are pretty sure that you must have even considered investing in Crypto at some point. There’s no denying the potential Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. have. But similar to risky stocks, do you want to dive into these murky waters yourself? The smart thing would be getting an expert, right? That’s where these professionals come in. 


Think this is the only job on Crypto? You haven’t seen anything!


How do you make it? Dip your toes in the crypto waters with a simple degree in finance and securities. To actually specialise, you can go for different certifications such as Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) and Certified Digital Asset Advisor.

Does it pay well? With an average salary between INR 1,80,000 p.a. – INR 3,20,000 p.a., this career might not seem too tempting at the moment but give it a couple of years to see the demand skyrocket!


Guardians of the Technology – Cyber Security Specialists

Before you start daydreaming about a machine being connected to your nervous system or Alexa pouring you a glass of water, who is going to protect you from all this?

With your entire life going virtual, someone could very literally hack your life – starting from your savings, to your house, to your very consciousness. This is why cyber security specialists could very well be society’s guardian angels. You don’t even have to wait for all that high-tech to become reality to see the demand for this profession shoot. It is already one of the most in-demand occupations out there.

How do you make it? A degree in computer applications/computer science/information technology will get your foot in the door. Further, there are many certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). etc. to carve a niche.

Does it pay well? This field comes with high compensation. This can be verified by the average salary of INR 4,20,000 p.a. – INR 24,30,000 p.a.

Builders of Flying Mini Robots – Drone Engineers

Drone technology was initially associated with military bomb droppings but it has soon turned into a consumer favourite. 

Step into this time capsule for 2025…

You wake up to find a drone delivering your morning newspaper, milk, and Amazon packages.

Next, the food on your very tables would have been produced through drones spraying fertilisers, monitoring weeds, and protecting the crops.

To guard your neighbourhood, drones would stay on patrol.

The movies you watch would be shot through drones.

You must have noticed that most of these are already in use. This aerial technology might be the most grounded in reality and its applications.


How do you make it? A degree in avionics along with a specialisation in unmanned aerial vehicles would be the ideal way of entering this career.

Does it pay well? Drone engineers in India typically earn between INR 2,04,000 p.a. – INR 6,36,000 p.a. depending on their qualifications, experience, skills, and the recruiters.


A Payday for Skilled Gamers – Esports Athletes

Before anybody tells you this is a hobby, not a job, just check the tables below.

esports industry


We are not saying it is easy winning these prizes. You might find this field more challenging than nanotech! It might seem that you’re dealing with amateurs but these are actual athletes who spend more than 8 hours a day training. They even attend bootcamps to upskill. 

We got the chance to pick the brains of two prominent esports athletes. You can watch our conversation here.

How do you make it? The journey of an esports athlete is similar to a traditional athlete – takes a lot of elbow grease and endless hours of practice. Diplomas or degrees are not the way to go.

Does it pay well? The earnings can be extremely erratic in this field. According to Glassdoor, the average salary is between INR 84,000 p.a. – INR 24,00,000 p.a. This career is not for those looking for stability! 


An Answer to Climate Change – Tidewater Architects

Technology has hardly been kind to the environment. Go back to the advent of the industrial revolution, and we have always ignored the interests of mother nature. But the long avoided conclusion is here. Earth is growing hotter every year and the glaciers are responding by melting into the seas. Parts of cities are already getting submerged. 

Tidewater architects are meant to helm some of the biggest civil engineering projects of the century. Their task – saving our seaside cities such as Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Florida, Osaka, and many more.

How do you make it? This career can be pursued through the traditional architectural track. Your ingenuity will play a key role in bringing about the right solutions to tackle the problem of the rising tides.

Does it pay well? There aren’t any reports to go by to conclusively report the average salary for this specialisation. But given the fact that architects can make up to INR 17,60,000 p.a., you can make your assumptions.


The Everyday Heroes – Data Scientists in Technology

Not every futuristic job has to sound revolutionary. With all the jobs mentioned above, have you noticed one thing that ties them together? The need for data. 

For all our dreams of automation and AI, none is possible without building the right models that the AI can learn from. These professionals are the backbone of the digital age. 

How do you make it? A degree in the field of technology, mathematics, or statistics would be the right step for a career in data science. During post-graduation, you will have the option of going for specialised degrees in data science/analytics/big data.

Does it pay well? Data science provides an ocean of employment opportunities and fabulous packages. The pay generally stays between INR 3,00,000 p.a. – INR 17,00,000 p.a.


Let’s Map Out your Entire Future Career Path

Which of these jobs are you gunning for? Want a job at Neuralink? Ready to take your gaming talents to the big leagues? Here to protect seaside cities against the rising tides?

Mentoria can take you there! Start by giving the psychometric assessment to see which field you would excel in. We will then connect you to our experienced career coaches to map out your entire career.