Do Class 10 Marks Matter? Careers if You Scored Less


Last Updated: August 29, 2022
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Remember how excited you were to finish your last paper and look forward to a lengthy, peaceful break? Feels like a long, long time ago, doesn’t it? You probably put all your thoughts about results aside, thinking ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it’. Well, you’ve arrived at the bridge and it’s time to cross it! But where do you go from here? And what do you do? And what if your marks don’t lead you to the path you planned to take up?

We get it – the worry is real. After all, your parents, instructors, and just about everyone else has been preparing you for this big day for the past ten years, telling you how your grades would affect your future. But we’re here to tell you that these marks don’t matter. Your life cannot be measured by a mere number. There’s a lot more to it beyond just the score, and we’re here to help you find what lies on the other side of the bridge.

Got the marks you were hoping for? That’s great, congratulations! But, if you didn’t, know that it’s absolutely fine. This IS NOT the end of the world. There’s a lot of good things waiting for you out there, and a mere number can’t get in the way of you finding out what’s in store. So if your score is holding you back, it’s time to figure out what your next steps should be.Boy sitting on a benchDiscover your Ideal futureGet expert guidance and mentorship towards your perfect fit.

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What to do after Boards Results?

So you’ve finished your boards, what’s next? You must decide what type of career you wish to pursue. Are you confused about your interests or unsure about what course to choose? Then it’s past time for you to figure out what it is, because this decision will have a significant impact on your life. So don’t be stingy with your time and money, and attend whatever course you’re offered. Investing in career counselling sessions to better understand your interests and enrolling in an appropriate course to enhance your skills would be beneficial.

Do Class 10 Marks Matter and How?

What happens when you don’t achieve the scores you want? What if your parents have high expectations for you? What if your marks aren’t good enough for your desired course of study? It’s past time for you to get rid of these problems. A three-hour exam is inadequate to assess your potential. Do you want to hear another painful truth? Let’s pretend your dream job is at IIT. It has nothing to do with your tenth-grade results.

Your class tenth percentile/CGPA is not an indication of your capacity to grasp information. It merely represents your capacity to memorise information.

In the last ten years, you have managed to learn the basics of a variety of subjects. But you’re yet to learn about a range of new subjects, and specialisations within those subjects! If you haven’t done well so far, it’s only because you haven’t found the subject you’re good at just yet. Think Albert Einstein was a genius? Did you know that he failed a college entrance exam? Ever wondered if Sachin Tendulkar was as good at academics as he is at cricket? He failed in Class 8. Or if Akshay Kumar was as amazing in school as he is now? He failed a year in school! All of them struggled with academics, but look at where they are now! Marks didn’t stop them from working towards their dreams, and marks shouldn’t stop you either. You just need to find out what you’re good at, and we can help with that! The Mentoria Solution is designed to help you find out who you are and what you’re good at, so you can lead a happy and successful life.

Discover the right career path based on your strengths. Mentoria helps you navigate through career crossroads with ease. Take the Mentoria assessment test & talk to our career counsellors to get personalized step-by-step guidance for your future career path.

Once you find out where your interests lie, it will become easier for you to sit back and think about your next steps with a clearer mind.

Just keep the following pointers in mind:

1. Your Options Are Limitless


There’s no one path to academics. We live in an age where specialised education is the new trend. Diploma courses break away from traditional academics and give you an opportunity to kickstart your career in a field that you actually enjoy. Be it courses in engineering, designing, or information technology, there are several options for you to choose from.

Engineering Diplomas (3 years)

The Diploma in Engineering is a programme that focuses on hands-on learning. When combined to an undergraduate engineering degree, it is a technical course that merely covers the essentials.

If you want to become an engineer, try pursuing a diploma in civil, automobile, mechanical, and environmental engineering courses. You need to clear entrance tests to enrol for these diplomas. Most colleges have their own tests, depending on the course they offer.

Diploma in Commercial Art (2-3 years)

Commercial art refers to art developed for commercial purposes, typically advertising, and is defined as “creative services art.” Commercial arts can be included into a variety of exercises, activities, and programmes through training, certificates, and degrees.

Want to put your design skills to test and make a career of it? Pursue a diploma in commercial arts! This course will help you learn how to make your design so attractive to customers that they’re tempted to buy the product you’ve worked on.

Diploma in Cyber Security (1 year)

Cybersecurity refers to the safeguarding of computer systems and networks against data leakage, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as service disruption or misdirection.

Want to learn more about computers and software? This diploma in cyber security can help! Learn cool skills like ethical hacking and coding with this diploma.

Diploma in 3D Animation (18 months – 2 years)

When computer-generated objects appear to move in three dimensions, it is known as 3D animation. It is the art of animating characters, vehicles, props, and other objects in TV shows, films, and video games.

If you have an artsy side and dream about bringing cartoons to life, this is the perfect course for you!

Diploma in Cosmetology (5 months)

Cosmetology is the art and science of enhancing one’s hair, nails and skin through hairstyling, skin treatments, cosmetics, skincare and manicures/pedicures.

What role do cosmetics play in our lives? How do we use them? What goes into manufacturing them? If these are the kind of answers you’re interested in finding out, make a career out of it by pursuing this diploma.

Diploma in Fashion Technology – (3 years)

Fashion technology is defined as any innovative technology that develops cutting-edge tools for the fashion industry, whether to boost production or consumption. Depending on the technology’s function, it could be used by designers, manufacturers, merchants, and customers.

When you back up your great fashion sense with a specialised diploma from the field, you get an early start in the fashion industry! This diploma helps you find your footing in the fashion world.

These are just some of the many options you have. Take the Mentoria assessment to discover where your interests lie, and we’ll guide you towards the right diploma course accordingly!

Mentoria’s counsellors help you decide the right career path when you are undecided. Get step-by-step personalized career advice to get into a career you love.

2. Go the Traditional Way

If you still want to pursue the conventional road of arts, science, and commerce, you must go ahead and do it!Sure, your marks might not be the best for your dream college, but there are many colleges with comparatively lower cut-offs. For instance, last year, SIES, Mumbai, had an 85% cut-off for science, but only a 60% cut-off for arts. Once you know which stream you want to get into – and we can help you with that – you can choose colleges that have a cut-off similar to your marks.

We are not asking you to shut down that disappointed, sinking feeling in your heart. You’re allowed to feel upset; after all, you worked so hard! But don’t let that sinking feeling make you believe that this is the end of the road for you. Turn it into the passion that drives you to work harder and shine brighter. As J.K. Rowling said: “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” It’s time for you to turn this downside around too. All the best!

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