Summer Class Ideas & Activities for Students


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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Summer vacations are almost here! While a “break” is ringing clear in everyone’s minds, you can use this time to help your students do more! Most students spend their holidays lazing around or playing their days away and then hurriedly finish their summer assignments towards the end. But what if you set up summer activities for your students that are fun and also double as a learning experience? Summer activities are a fun way to keep your students active and healthy. Here’s a list of summer vacation activity ideas to make summer holidays more enjoyable for your students

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1. Organise a Theatre Workshop


Children love playing make-believe games, and as childish as they may seem, these games actually contribute to their growth. This summer, give them a chance to play out these games for real! Organise a theatre workshop that teaches students to put their drama skills to better use, and have them put up plays for the locals. Making the students show off their creative skills for an audience will help them build on their social skills.

2. Give Them a Chance to Create


Children see their vacations as a time to relax and have fun. However, they have a lot of time on hand, and don’t always know what to do with it. This inevitably makes them reach for gadgets, video games or a TV remote – not the best way to spend time. Instead, entice them with something they enjoy doing; wouldn’t that make for a better, more productive holiday? Set up workshops or classes that will help facilitate children’s hobbies like drawing, painting and pottery, where children use their hands to express and make art. Let them channel their extra, restless energy into something constructive and creative.  

3. Give Them a Glimpse of the Future

Mechanical toys.

Robotics and artificial intelligence have somehow become a part of most conversations these days, even for your students. Whenever your students hear something new, their minds are brimming with questions about what it all means. So, instead of having them learn from other sources like the internet or friends, you, as an educator, can help them understand what the future holds. Organise a talk or an event led by an expert, and let students voice their questions. You could even organise an exhibition showcasing the latest technology

4. Open a Brain Gym


While there is a lot more for students to learn, we need to help them grasp the right information. We must ensure that students have a good amount of time to rest their minds in between the information they collect. Unfortunately, these days, most children spend their free time on screens, which tax their minds further. So, use this summer to help children give their minds the break they deserve. You can organise fun treasure hunts, trivia quizzes, and sports events, or even start a chess and other brain-games clubs!  These will serve as great stress busters, help exercise and strengthen their minds, and help them learn more!

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5. Take Them Closer to Nature


Most children long for an opportunity to go out and explore nature; summer is the perfect time for this. Evening hikes, trailing mud paths and little picnic lunches would make for a great vacation. Organise a nature trail for your students, help them relax, and detox from technology and pollution.  You can even use this time to teach them about climate change and the challenges our ecosystem is facing today!

6. Set up Camp


Holidays are a great time to help children pick up basic life skills! Organise a camping weekend – maybe even on your own school grounds –  and get the students to dabble in various activities like building tents, cooking, washing up, etc. You could even wrap up the day with a lovely star-gazing session! Many students miss out on such experiences. A summer camp held by their school would help students get life experiences they will definitely come to cherish!

We know that as an educational institute, you are striving to offer better opportunities to your students. However, along with a good education, your students also need a good break and good life experiences. You can provide this to your students through summer activities! If you would like to know more about helping your students become better, more wholesome individuals, get in touch with us!

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