9 Tips on How to Prepare for JEE & Other Engineering Exams


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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Most students in India dream of becoming engineers right from their childhood. Turning this dream into a reality can be a challenging task though. With a large number of students to compete with and a limited number of seats, acing the entrance exams may seem like a very daunting task. Fear not, Mentoria has a list of tips for you on how to study well in engineering coming, right from people who have cracked the admission tests to premier institutes:

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1) Work Smart:

There will always be subjects one is good at and there will be those, one isn’t. Nonetheless, to achieve a good score, it’s important to give equal attention to all your subjects. You may think it’s important to focus on the ones that you’re weak at, to improve your performance. However, while doing this, you may end up ignoring all that you are good at.

You should have a strategy in place to increase your overall scores by paying equal attention to all subjects. So, working smart and hard together would lead to those impressive scorecards.

2) Time Management:

While practising with test papers, it’s easy to lose track of time, especially when you feel you’re unable to crack the question/problem. Instead of wasting time trying to get it right over and over again, the best strategy would be for you to move on to the next question and return to it later. This will help you save time, as you will not miss out on the questions you can easily answer.

3) Backlogs: Your Biggest Nightmare

If you have set yourself a target of solving 40 sums in a few hours  to prepare for jee or iit mains at home, make sure you meet it. The more you let it slide, the more your backlogs pile up. This will only increase your workload as the exams near. You must know that procrastination always leads to regret. Prioritise your tasks and establish discipline in your daily routine.

4) Concentrate to the Fullest:

A lot of people think longer study hours leads to better results. Well, that may not be entirely correct. What you need is 100% concentration. So you could study for 24 hours or just three hours in a day but if you’re distracted, then no amount of burning the midnight oil is going to help you.

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5) Take Breaks:

Most students who aspire to get into reputed engineering institutes begin preparing for entrance exams at least two years in advance. Studying hard and attending coaching classes can get taxing for anyone. It’s important to take small and regular breaks and give yourself a breather. This way your mind is refreshed, and you can get back to work with renewed energy. Remember ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

6) A Little Help From Your Friends:

It’s always helpful to have friends around while revising your syllabus. If you’re stuck at any point, you have friends to help you out. Revising with friends also helps you go through your coursework faster. A healthy competition with each other would help too.

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7) Learn ‘Sweet Sections’ From The Syllabus:

‘Sweet section’ refers to those parts of the syllabus that carry more weight than others. These sections can help boost your scores. While revising through your entire curriculum is a must, concentrating on the critical aspects by studying trends from previous years is a smart way to work.

8) Understanding Concepts Thoroughly:

One of the most important engineering study tips is to make a stable base for yourself, you need to understand your subjects and the concepts thoroughly. This will help lay the foundation for future advances in the field, as engineering is all about applying yourself in the day-to-day working of things. Hence, one must be able to grasp the subjects to take the tests well.

9) Coaching Classes to the Rescue:

Coaching classes assimilate papers from previous years and integrate all the important questions together. They create mock question papers, which enables the students to revise their coursework. The model papers/practise sheets will help approach coursework from various angles, thereby making your preparations stronger. This also strengthens your speed and your time management skills, which will play a vital role in the finals.

10) Practice Makes One Perfect:

Once you have completed your revision of the complete syllabus, start over. This way you can brush up the skills you are weak at.

It’s always good to know your weak points and work on them. After all, it isn’t easy to have all your concepts right on the first go.

11) Never Give Up:

It’s always hard to stay on top of the game but never give up. There are days you will feel that your test results are just not good enough and you will not be able to make the cut.

Don’t lose hope. Perseverance and hope help win half the battle. The other half is won mostly by sound preparations and good luck. There may be examples when a few students have fared miserably in their test papers but made up for it in the last few months with sheer practice and determination.

So, don’t lose time thinking about the ifs and buts. Your time is precious. Make sure you make the most of every minute.

With the entrance exams around the corner, Mentoria wishes all of you a lot of luck. If you’re not preparing for engineering entrance exams and have another exam ahead, watch this space, we will have you covered with more hacks soon.

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